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Practical information

Where can it be found ? This exculsive variety from Valais is cultivated only on about 30 hectares. 25 are located on the territory of Vétroz, Amigne’s true hometown and historical cradle.

At what price ? Its rarity doesn’t make it a cheap wine. It is nowadays hard to find bottles of Amigne under Frs18. Obviously when overmatured this price needs to be at least doubled.

How long can it be kept ? This variety evolves favourably with time. Even tough it is quite pleasant to drink young, the winemakers who know it advise to patiently wait between 5 and 10 years to taste it in its prime. Once again, we can double this information for the overmatured wines.

What kind of dish does it suit ? Depending on its winemaking and on its age, Amigne can suit a large variety of meals. When overmatured, it will nicely accompany a foie gras or a chocolate desert ; yound and dry, it will be a perfect aperitif ; older is will sublime your seafood dishes.

What are its peculiarities ? late variety, its possesses slightly oval grapes, between green and yellow. Marked by a light tannic finale note it generally develops exotic citrus fruit aromas such as mandarin or pineapple.

List of producers : The winemakers of Vétroz have gathered on a portal devoted to the variety. The oher producers from Valais, spread all over the county can be found on the Internet.


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