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Discovering the sons of Pinot Noir, Oeil-de-Perdrix and Perdrix Blanche

Rosé wines are always very appreciated in Summer. Their freshness and their light taste make them great companions to barbecues in the garden or on the lakeside.

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Freiburger, an obscur specialty from Fribourg

Little known winemaking region Vully fribourgeois hosts a specialty whose renown doesn't go beyond the Trois-Lacs region. has concentrated on this original white variety.

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Discovering Cornalin

Famous for its white specialities, Valais also owns a few authentic red varieties. Among these, Cornalin, the most promising and original variety, nearly disappeared at the beginning of the century. Today, what was called “rouge du pays” or “landroter” (land red) is doing fine. Its producing area has even exponentially increased during the last decade.

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Gamaret, work of the modern alchemists

Created in the 1970s, Gamaret hasn’t stopped trying to break away from its destiny. It has eventually succeeded, since this wine, which was granted a rather undignified role in its early years, is becoming the flagship carrier of the rebirth of the Swiss red wines.

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Exceptional Amigne

The most precious of the oenological treasures from Valais grows on the hillside of Vétroz. In this little village at the bottom of the Alps, at the end of autumn, ripen small and slightly oval grapes of a green-yellowy colour.

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Arvine : the “petite” variety of great wines

Despite being called Petite (small), Arvine gives great wines. Produced in a classic way, it proves virile and elegant in its youth. It then grows complex with the years to give splendid ageing wines. Harvested overmatured it bursts into long aromatical explosions.

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Chasselas, deposed king or new-born star ?

It was formerly the king of the Swiss vineyards. Dethroned for several years, it has now to face the attacks of the Swiss political authorities who want to reduce it to an endangered species.

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Ermitage, a traditional variety of Valais

Known as Ermitage, Marsanne Blanche has found in Valais ideal growing conditions. This variety belongs to the so-called “traditional” grapes of the canton, as are called the stocks that have come in the region in the 19th century, probably from the Rhône.

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